/’Stanhome 2020/

Stanhome, a social selling company that has been on the world market for 90 years, organises annual conventions to communicate with its vendors and community.

the Convention 2020 – Un nuovo inizio – was held in October 2020 in Rome. For the occasion, due to Pandemic restriction, a green screen was used as visual effects technique which enabled us to insert images and videos in the background. It was a strong way to grab the online audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout

the award ceremony is a central part of Stanhome conventions, where the company awards the best resources based on the turnover by area and category. Due to the restrictions, the winners were not able to attend the event in person. We used technology to fill the gap of communication and connect remote and in person speakers

we take care of the video shooting, the post production and editing and the streaming of the final product on the dedicated channel

a full digital event, made feasible and engaging by the use of new technologies, expertises and creativity