/’Milano Digital Week/

Milano Digital Week 2021 is one of the largest and most important fully digital events in Italy. The 4th edition took place from the 17th to the 21st of March 2021.

Milano Digital Week is a digital transformation laboratory with over 600 free events. This year’s theme was ‘Fair and Sustainable City’. The mission at the centre of this year’s edition was to communicate how digitalisation has now become a common and essential good. A special focus was dedicated to sustainability and how the potential of digital transformation can be applied to sustainable development and the circular economy.

We successfully delivered 650 free fully digital programs tackling specific areas such as education, equality, sustainable development and the environment. Working alongside MDW producers – i.e. Cariplo Factory, iab italia, hublab – we supervised and coordinated all technical, logistic and production aspects of the digital events, from directing production staff to testing equipment to managing the control room. We ensure the set-up and working order of all technical equipment.