/’Ariete x Amazon/

Ariete x Amazon music was held in September 2021 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

Ariete is a young author and guitarist born in 2002. She established herself in the new Italian music scene in less than a year. Her most famous song L’ultima notte is a late summer tale in which joy and nostalgia blend into each other.

For the occasion, we streamed the concert on the official Twitch page of Amazon music.

Besides this, our team took care of the video shooting of the concert and, in order to be consistence with the artist attitude and style, we also took care of the artistic direction together with the show designer. Our aim was to make the most of the scenography and lights both for the on-site and online audience.

Our sound engineer was there to guarantee the maximum sound quality of the streamed concert.

Finally, we designed and produced all the graphics of the concert for the Twitch and Instagram pages of Amazon music.